QT Studios is a musical rehearsal and video production space in the heart of the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. We are working on cultivating a music and video hub in the bay area that is accessible for independent local artists.

As an incubation space for cultivating a radical music scene that prioritizes providing access to queer/trans/BIPOC artist, we envision giving material support, providing a pipeline to radical music scene, and inspiring youth and future generations to be part of the revolution towards dismantling white supremacy and settler colonialism.

QT Studios is a space for music experimentation, rehearsal and production, and can serve as a collaborative spaces across artist who share the studio.

We value transparency, open communication, and non-hierarchal use of the space.

We hope to contribute to the culture of the Tenderloin -- more on this later but be nice to folks on the streets! :)

Shared music equipment

Shared photo/video equipment